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Calm Club • The Yoga Deck

Calm Club • The Yoga Deck

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Calm Club Yoga Deck.

Perfect your poses with our Yoga Deck.

52 cards in a pack, 52 weeks in a year. Try one new pose a week, for a year of yoga.

 If you are searching for a gift that helps those practising yoga to keep to a routine or even be inspired by the many wondrous poses available, then why not gift the Calm Club Yoga Deck?

The Calm Club Yoga Deck contains 52 cards, each containing a new pose. This allows yoga enthusiasts to attempt a new pose weekly for a full year, ensuring that there is some longevity in your gift idea.

The beautiful illustrations clearly detail the poses, along with some accompanying information, to ensure that those carrying out the positions are getting the full benefits of the pose in every instance.





12.8cm x 9.7cm x 4cm


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