Jojoba + Tamanu Cleanser
Jojoba + Tamanu Cleanser

Jojoba + Tamanu Cleanser

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Tamanu is this magical lil nut that has been used for centuries by Polynesian people for many medicinal properties, including the ability to heal an enormous amount of skin infections. While its antibacterial and anti fungal properties kill any bacteria that is present on your skin, it is notoriously so gentle that it is regularly used on infants as well. Don't let the green color scare you away, but instead think of it as the kombucha of skin oils.


Soothe and soften skin
Treat acne
Heal and reduces appearance of scars
Help with inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema


Trading your foaming cleansers and cream based moisturizers can be very scary. But natural, plant-based oils have many benefits! If you have oily skin, these oils mimic the skin's natural sebum (oil secretion) and tells your body to stop producing. While foaming cleansers usually include alcohols and sulfates, which strip your skin of everything. The bad and the good. When using a cleansing oil properly, you remove all dirt and debris but leave all the good good. 


Start with a quarter sized amount of Tamanu & Jojoba Cleanser and rub gently over entire face. This cleanser also doubles as makeup remover so don't worry about any pre-washing. You can continue to massage into your skin or let it sit for 5 minutes. Using a warm wash cloth, gently wipe to remove all makeup, dirt, and extra oil. 


Jojoba Oil, Tamanu Oil, Frankincense EO