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Smudge Mist | Aura & Ambience Reiki Charged Smudge Spray

Smudge Mist | Aura & Ambience Reiki Charged Smudge Spray

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Upgrade your aura AND the ambiance in your space. Think of our Smudge Mist as your new favorite cleansing tool.

DIRECTIONS: To experience the grounding and cleansing benefits of this spray, mist liberally over skin, the air around you, linens and within your space to create a peaceful, protected sanctuary. Banishes negative energies and provides spiritual protection.

Essential Oils: Palo Santo • Blood Orange • Cedarwood • Vanilla Each mindfully crafted batch is charged upon the 99% quartz crystal sand of Siesta Key. A small hand-selected shell from Siesta has been added to each bottle.

Each bottle has been tuned with a 528hz, the harmonic frequency of love and miracles. This is performed to raise the molecules to the highest healing frequency possible. This bottle contains Apatite Stones that have been charged under the full moon and amplified with Reiki energy.

This spray comes mixed in a glass bottle, packaged inside our signature black tube.

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