Space Sex Sticker

Space Sex Sticker

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1. Vinyl Sticker to resist scratches

2. Water-Proof to protect the sticker during cleaning or water spills.

3. Glossy for that professional look and feel

4. Dimensions 2 x 2.5 inches approx.

What does it mean;

It's giving Lisa Frank from the 90s vibes, but grown up and realized this is all a pile of hot garbage, but we're here for the ride baby so let's try to enjoy! Who is it for; Customers who love aliens/space or 90s aesthetic, have a great sense of humor or are quirky. 

Where to put it;

Place on water bottles, coolers, tool boxes, lockers, notebooks, folders, computer/ phone cases, carts, helmets, skateboards, kayacks, sewing machines, etc!